Bring. Help. Briskly! 'Salad Fingers' Returns! - Bloody Disgusting
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Bring. Help. Briskly! ‘Salad Fingers’ Returns!



One of my all-time favorite online flash animated webseries is Salad Fingers, originally created by British cartoonist David Firth in July 2004. After airing it’s phenomenal 8th episode everything went silent.

This morning I woke up to a blissfully creepy surprise, “Salad Fingers” has returned!

The cartoon revolves around the eponymous Salad Fingers, a thin, green, mentally troubled man who inhabits a desolate world. In the 9th episode – the first for 3 years – Salad Fingers receives a letter from the great war. Follow Firth on his official Twitter and demand that Salad Fingers stays for good!

Baby Yvonne is born today, angels say she’s here to stay…


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