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Teaser Trailer for ‘Butterfinger the 13th’

Still the most idiotic thing I’ve reported all year, Butterfinger has actor Rob Lowe directing a horror comedy for release on October 13.

Based on the peanut butter chocolate bar, Butterfinger the 13th will be the first-ever film produced not by a major studio or filmmaker, but by one of America’s iconic candy brands. Today the first teaser was released with signs pointing to the Facebook for behind-the-scenes snacks.

The comedy-horror will bring to life Butterfinger’s “Nobody’s Gonna Lay A Finger” tagline while warning fans that “You Can’t Scream With Your Mouth Full.” Butterfinger the 13th will take its audience on a perilous journey with the film’s hero, whose paranoia leads him to believe that someone wants to lay a finger… in more ways than one.



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