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A Little ‘Ring’ in Christian Slater Starrer ‘Playback’



Bennett Robbins Productions has completed post-production of Playback, an independent horror thriller starring Toby Hemingway, Johnny Pacar, Ambyr Childers, Jonathan Keltz, Alessandra Torresani, Jennifer Missoni, and featuring Christian Slater.

The film features music from The Sounds, Shiny Toy Guns, AWOLNation, innerpartysystem, My Passion, Kill Hannah, High Tension Wires, K.Flay, Guadalupe Plata, Carol Bui, Youth Mass, and Playback star Johnny Pacar’s own band Forever the Day.

While digging into their town’s infamous past, a group of high school students unwittingly unlock an even darker secret. Now an evil spirit has been awakened to possess and destroy its victims through video playback, stopping at nothing to find his true heir.

The thriller has yet to find distribution, but it will be announced as soon as something is firmed up.

The mythos of Playback is rooted in the mysterious disappearance of Louis Le Prince, a French inventor considered by many film historians to be the true father of motion pictures. In October, 1888, Le Prince captured “Roundhay Garden Scene” and “Leeds Bridge Scene” on paper film using a single-lens camera, several years before competitors Auguste and Louis Lumière and Thomas Edison released their inventions.

Le Prince was planning a public exposition for his films at Jumel Mansion in New York City when he vanished without a trace. He was last seen in Dijon on Friday, September 16, 1890, boarding the 2:42 p.m. train for Paris.

Theories about his disappearance abound. Some believe he committed suicide. Some say he was assassinated by henchmen working for Thomas Edison. Some say he succumbed to financial and social pressure from his family and “disappeared” to live his life in obscurity in the US. Still others believe his disappearance was due to darker, even more nefarious reasons.

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