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Paul Walker Taking Over Kyle Reese Role in ‘Terminator 5’?

Aussie website What’s Playing is reporting that despite Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent scandalous issues, Megan Ellison – who recently inherited Skynet from the bankless Halcyon – is pushing on with her plan to make a new Terminator movie.

Justin Lin (Fast Five) has been shopping around a new Terminator movie, one that Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to be a part of, with Universal showing the most interest at the time. While Schwarzenegger may not be yet ready to return to film after aforementioned scandal, Ellison is still working on rebooting Skynet’s dormant systems after all these years.

The site reports that Arnold does have a fairly substantial role in the new story – which is said to involve that original timeline being torn, again – but this Terminator would mostly be anchored by a new, younger male lead (Paul Walker‘s name keeps coming up – could he possibly be Lin’s pick for Kyle Reese?). Oh, and I think that’s where the rumors of the `original cast returning’ come into play – though it’s not so much the original cast as it is `the original characters’ from the original movie.



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