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MGM Has No Rules for Remaking ‘Poltergeist’

Recently freed from a crushing $4 billion debt, MGM’s new studio management in February told Hollywood’s talent agencies it was moving ahead with plans to reboot five movie franchises, including Steven Spielberg’s 1982 horror hit, Poltergeist. Now Vulture hears that the studio has offered Pulitzer-prize winning playwright cum screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire (Rabbit Hole) the job of reimagining the paranormal classic.

Reached by Vulture, Lindsay-Abaire confirmed he’d been approached by MGM and offered the job, but emphasized that no deal had been reached and stressed that he was not yet even sure he wanted to take it.

The good news: Insiders tell the site that MGM has no creative parameters for a Poltergeist remake — it would be Lindsay-Abaire’s to shape in whatever fashion he chooses, should he want the job. Think Dawn of the Dead 2004.

The immediately revival comes a big late as the studio is just now recognizing that paranormal happenings are popular (i.e. Insidious and Paranormal Activity). They expect this to be a huge franchise. No word on if Vadim Perelman is still attached to direct.



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  • Dman

    And as we all saw. Apparently they had no rules against making a less exciting abridged version of the original movie with absolutely nothing new to add. It’s as if the screen writer had just recalled the original movie from memory without having seen it since it’s release. Ok we have a tree, check. A TV scene and a clown, check. What else do we need? Well they got many of the key elements down, except anything that made the original good. Just like another beat stolen recycled rap song capitalizing on a popular classic, this movie can go right in the trash where it belongs.

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