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Chris Columbus to Produce ‘TrollHunter’ Remake

One of the coolest films to hit VOD and theaters (today!) this year was Magnet’s Norwegian creature feature, TrollHunter (review), a unique new spin on the cinema verite subgenre that’s become a new staple in horror.

Back in November it was revealed by the LA Times that Universal would be getting behind a remake of Andre Ovredal’s indie, while this morning Deadline adds that Chris Columbus’ 1492 and CJ Entertainment will produce.

First time writer Marc Haimes is set to write the script, although, in my humble opinion, they should keep to the original as much as possible.

The documentary-style film “is about a group of students whose investigation into a series of mysterious bear killings leads to something sinister. They wind up following and documenting a mystery man who turns out to be a troll hunter.



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