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George A. Romero’s ‘Deadtime Stories’ Gets DVD Date

After sitting on the shelf for three and a half years(!), Millenium Entertainment has slated George A. Romero Presents: Deadtime Stories Vol. 1 for DVD release on July 12, with volume 2 arriving in stores on September 30.

Volume 1 will consist of three 30-minute films:

“On Sabbath Hill” is a ghost story about a professor who is a stickler for student attendance. When his wandering eye causes a female student to kill herself, her ghost continues to come to class.

“Dust” tells the story of a security guard at a laboratory who steals Mars dust to cure his cancer-ridden wife. It works, but with some unintended side effects.

“The Gorge”: When Donna accompanies her fiancZ, Gary, and his best friend, Craig, on a morning caving expedition; she expects a fun hike, a few laughs, and maybe some kisses in the dark. But a sudden cave-in leaves them trapped with no way out. Gary’s leg has been crushed, and as the days go by, gangrene sets in. With everyone starving, Craig suggests that when they cut off the leg, maybe they should take just an extra few inches. Will it be enough to feed all of them? And how far will three people go to survive?

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