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‘Fear of Clowns’ Director Offers ‘Bounty’



Kevin Kangas, best known for Hunting Humans and Fear of Clowns, is back with a double-dose of new indie horror.

His latest film, Bounty, is currently playing on Verizon Fios, Time Warner, Brighthouse, Charter and Comcast through August 12. In regards to displayed artwork, Kangas nicely tells us that “[the] scene and those characters don’t appear in the movie.

There are no zombies in my movie,” he tells Bloody, “If you go in thinking you’re going to get ‘Walking Dead’ zombies, you will be disappointed. There are some zombie themes running through the movie, and to say more would have potential spoilers…” You’ll get a real idea what it’s about in the trailer also on display inside.

In other news, Kangas has recently finished the rough cut of Garden of Hedon. You’ll also find that teaser here.


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