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Bousman Talks Haunted Location In ’11-11-11′

Shooting films in haunted locations is probably a lot more common than you think; hell, The Innkeepers was inspired by the experiences Ti West had while shooting House of the Devil. The stories behind them are always intriguing, as is the case with one of the houses used in Darren Lynn Bousman’s 11-11-11.

The location, found 40 minutes outside of Barcelona, had previously been rented out for “sex parties” a la Eyes Wide Shut. Bousman passed on it the first time, getting an eerie feeling from the place, but returned a second time only to find secret rooms and more occult symbolism throughout the house. But, the most chilling thing about this visit was that he finally learned the house’s history, which deals with a Spanish Marquis, his brother, and a missing daughter whose death was chalked up to occult sacrifice.

Check Bousman’s blog for the full story, along with some nifty set photos, and watch a video of their first location walkthrough after the jump.

CREW WALK THROUGH from D Bousman on Vimeo.



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