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‘Ghostbusters’ Fan Art Takes DreamWorks Animation Approach

We’ve all seen plenty of fan art, whether it’s at conventions or even on the B-D forums. I’ve seen all sorts of stuff that ranges from terrible to great, but you got to give it up for fans who put their own spin on their favorite characters just because they love them so damn much.

Italian graphic artist Fabrizio Fioretti got put in the spotlight earlier today when /Film shared a few of his Ghostbuster pieces, which have the cartoony appearance of recent DreamWorks Animation titles like How To Train Your Dragon (and maybe it resembles the character renders seen in the Wii version of the Ghostbuster game released a few years back, too). Fioretti claims he made them “no particular reason” and he’s just a huge fan.

The Venkman portrait can be seen beyond the break. Check out the rest of the Ghostbusters and more of Fioretti’s work on his website.



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