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What ‘Good Neighbors,’ Have You Seen Her Cats?

Picked up earlier this year out of Sundance comes Jacob Tierney’s thriller Good Neighbors, which features Jay Baruchel in yet another “darker” role (the dude is on a mision to solely work on horror films).

Magnolia has announced a June 24 iTunes date, with a July 29 theatrical run following. Inside you’ll now find the first clip and official trailer, with the previously release poster and new images available in our database.

Neighbors Spencer (Scott Speedman) and Louise (Emily Hampshire) have bonded over their fascination with a recent string of murders terrorizing their community. When a new tenant named Victor (Baruchel) arrives in the building, all three quickly hit it off. But as they soon discover, each of them has their own dark secret. As the violence outside mounts, the city retreats indoors for safety. But the more time these three spend together in their apartment building, the clearer it becomes that what they once thought of as a safe haven is as dangerous as any outside terrors they could imagine. Smart dialogue, strong performances and jarring thrills give this film all the elements of a great mystery.



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