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First Twitter Movie being Told by @KarenBarley

Kicking off today is a transmedia project like nothing done before.

Kristi Barnett will be tweeting out a creepy story via a live character on Twitter called @KarenBarley. The 3 week event will have videos, photos, audio and links before ending in a climactic video. You can also keep uo via Facebook.

Karen is convinced by her sinister Boss to take on an outdoors project in anancient Bronze Age woods in Surrey. Her boyfriend Darren is excited about the mysterious legend of the Hurst and can’t wait to find a hidden path he’s heard of.

On first appearance the Hurst seems mundane, with traffic and people close by. But gradually they begin to experience strange sounds and druid like signs. When Darren discovers the path, he opens a portal that lets in his Other.

Convinced that her boyfriend is trying to frighten her, Karen slowly spirals into a deadly paranoia that result in tragic con sequences. And all the while her madness is played out for all to see as she uses Twitter to tell everyone “what’s happening”.



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