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The ‘Metamorphosis’ of a 17-Year-Old Into a… Cockroach?

Nick Searcy (“Justified”) has joined the cast of indie drama thriller Metamorphosis, a dramatic thriller inspired by Franz Kafka’s literary classic.

The story focuses on a 17-year-old who wakes up one morning to an inexplicable illness that transforms him into the unimaginable — a hideous, human-sized cockroach. His parents come home to discover him afraid and hiding from his new form and are now faced with the decision of accepting a monster in their suburban home or exterminating their own son.

Isotropic Films is planning to begin production in Los Angeles in late July with David Yohe directing from a script he co-wrote with Jason Goldberg.

We are making a film with a very direct social message,” Yohe said. “It’s a metaphor for being different, change, and most importantly how fear can make us do harmful things to others and to ourselves.

Hey, at least the kid can move in with the Applegates if he had to. But seriously, this sounds like a fresh coming-of-age horror story to me…



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