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Media Blasters Has A Lot Of Guts: Riki-Oh Blu-ray Coming Soon!

I counted out Media Blasters’ Blu-ray output after their HORRIBLE Ichi The Killer release (it’s as bad as the early Lionsgate titles), but from what I understand, their recent Buio Omega and Death Kappa Blus are a definite step up.

Here’s hoping the the company really turned a new leaf because they just announced a September 27 street date for Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, which is one of the most preposterous flicks I’ve ever seen (in a good way, of course). Even though it’s fun, the DVD release was really subpar, so this’ll be a good way for Media Blasters to show if they’ve really got it together or not. No specs or cover art has been released yet.

Speaking of Ichi, Media Blasters Manager John Sirabella recently spoke out about the transfer, which even he admits is awful. “I agree Ichi the Killer sucked! When I screw up I can fess up. But I will fix it. I went back to Hong Kong and told them to do a new transfer. They supplied us HD masters and we had it done out of house as we did not have the equipment. Now we do. I will get a new supervised transfer as I am trying to use Bey Logan out there to work with them. I will do a trade-in.



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