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First of 13 ‘Bloody Cuts’ Shorts!

The first of 13 Bloody Cuts makes its entry wound with the release of “Lock Up” – the debut from an anthology of chilling shorts spilt from the vein of horror fanaticism.

When you’re leaving late from work, like you’ve done many times before; spare a thought for the complacency of your safety and stay out of the dark – evil lives there. “Lock Up” is a chilling tale of fear and suspense and a potent reminder that something of nightmares could be lurking in the shadows around any corner.

The Bloody Cuts films with be released online at, and will run until their terrifying cycle is complete.

Whilst the film making ideology is grass roots horror on a low budget, the Bloody Cuts team are looking for accomplices in the form of funders, sponsors or supporters. If you fancy associating your product, project or website with the Bloody cuts anthology then get in contact with them today to discuss ideas and opportunities.



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