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AMPAS Production Art Database Online, Features the Likes of ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘Psycho’

The Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences has unveiled their production art database, which is basically the best concept art and storyboard collection of all time. Although you can’t view EVERYTHING online (this is just a small sampling of what they have on file), it has a monstrous amount of content. The collection includes important, landmark genre films like Psycho and Poltergeist, and even fun schlock like Freaked! Check out the collection here and get ready to kiss a few hours of your life away.

An overhead shot of Bodega Bay from Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.
Designer Robert Boyle, illustrator Albert Whitlock:

Rough “Poltergeist” storyboards drawn by producer Steven Spielberg…

.. and more finished “Poltergeist” storyboards from illustrator Richard Lasley.



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