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Bloody Disgusting Selects: ‘THE WOMAN’ IS COMING!

Although I personally have absolutely nothing to do with the Bloody Disgusting Selects acquisitions, I think it’s really cool that we got involved with the distribution side of things. We’ve been dedicated to bringing awesome horror flicks to your attention for the better part of the last decade, and what better way to get the word out about films that are worth your time than to actually release them?

With Rammbock out on DVD/VOD, YellowBrickRoad just leaving theatres and Phase 7 about to take its big screen leap, it feels like the right time to announce our latest acquisition: the Sundance shocker, The Woman! Genre fav Lucky McKee’s (May, The Woods) latest, which was co-written by celebrated horror writer Jack Ketchum, garnered a lot of attention at its Sundance premiere when an audience member got worked up over its graphic content and said it should be “confiscated and burned.” B-D’s own Ryan Daley caught up with the film at the fest (review) and enjoyed it a great deal, praising McKee for coming up with “some very scary shit” – seriously, someone get that on a poster and DVD cover, pronto.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see The Woman yet, but McKee is one of my favorite horror directors working today and definitely one of the most feminist (something Mr. Audience Member seemed to not realize pre-rant). Keep checking B-D over the coming weeks for more details on our upcoming releases and when YOU’LL be able to check them out at a theatre near you!



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