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[Top 10] Chimp Spanner Loves His Sci-Fi Horror Films!

On top of putting out awesome music, Paul Ortiz (a.k.a. Chimp Spanner) is a big fan of horror movies, especially the sci-fi subgenre. Honestly, after listening to his music, it makes total sense! So Paul decided to share some of his favorites and you know what? They’re not all the usual “go-to” picks. In fact, pretty much each one ranks as really high on my personal list! Hell, he put down the 1986 The Hitcher! Damn, I love that movie! Check out all the picks below!
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10: Event Horizon – explosive decompression, space ghosts (kinda), Sam Neill ripping his own eyes out, Larry Fishburn in space, what’s not to like?

9: In The Mouth Of Madness – more Sam Neill action. Although this film genuinely does shit me up. It’s like an inescapable nightmare.

8: The Ring – one of the better scary-black-haired-girl flicks. The actual Ring video is still kind of creepy, and it’s given me a life long phobia of black horses.

7: Pandorum – cannibal mutants on a lost generational spaceship. Great surprise ending.

6: The Mist – good cast and acting, and an ending that manages to be depressing and hilarious at the same time.

5: Psycho – fantastic score, classic film, set the ground rules for countless horror/slasher films to come!

4: Pitch Black – one of those films that reminds you that even in a far off space faring future, there are still places totally inhospitable to humans.

3: The Hitcher (original) – such an unmistakable vibe to this film! Love the soundtrack, and Rutger Hauer nails it as a crazed roadside loner

2: Alien – do I really need to justify this one?

1: The Thing (original) – Kurt Russell’s expression for pretty much the entire film is “what the f**k”, which is pretty believable when heads start ripping themselves off of bodies and sprouting spider legs.



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