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[Top 10] Opera Diabolicus’ David Grimoire Shares His Favorite Horror Films


Opera Diabolicus composer David Grimoire has shared his favorite horror films with Bloody-Disgusting. Looking at the list, I realize that it’s almost exactly what I would’ve expected. These are true classics, ones that do the horror genre right. They are also movies that go perfectly with his band’s music. Check out the list below and make sure to check out †1614 (review).

David Grimoire – Opera Diabolicius:
1. The Exorcist – I have a friend that still hasn’t dared to see this movie after seeing a picture of a twisted Linda Blair as a child. 
2. The Shining – “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, “Here’s Johnny”, “Redum, redrum”. Enough said.
3. The Omen – Really reminds you how creepy children could be.  A fantastic movie.
4. Friday the 13th – I grew up with Jason Voorhees by my side.  It’s really the essence of 80s horror.
5. Let the right one in (Swedish original version) – This one is as much a horror movie as a nostalgic flashback to the early 80s when I grew up. Exceptional beautiful authentic early 80s scenery and a really nice story.
6. House on Haunted Hill – I really love Vincent Price and this movie is really good even with its corny style.
7. Masque of the Red Death – Another Vincent Price movie based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe.
8. Nosferatu – What’s a 10 top horror movies list without a this Dracula flick?
9. Rosemary’s Baby – The very soundtrack by Krzysztof Komeda makes me shiver.
10. Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn – Even better than its predecessor. 
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