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[WTF] American Idol Winner Adam Lambert The New Singer Of Queen?


According to Rolling Stone, American Idol winner Adam Lambert (featured above in all his Photoshopped glory) has stated that he will be the new singer of British rock band Queen. In an interview with the U.K.’s Daily Star, Lambert stated, “The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie [Mercury] and the band by singing some fucking great songs. It’s to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would’ve been proud of.”
A representative for Hollywood Records says, “The Daily Star item only mentions that Adam may perform with Queen at Sonisphere. This is not confirmed. Nothing has been signed. However, if this were to happen, Queen would be returning to the setting of their final concert with Freddie Mercury, which took place in 1986.”
Below is my response.

WHAT. THE. FUCK?!?!?!?!?

Seriously?!?! Queen is a band that should NOT come back! Freddie was far too important to their sound for anything, or anyone, to come remotely close to their power and impact. If this is just a one-off show, then sure, whatever. Let ’em have fun. But I honestly doubt that fans will take too kindly to him, let alone anyone, taking the place of Freddie Mercury.
We’ve all complained about how there are too many remakes and sequels in Hollywood these days. I fear that this trend is now spilling over into music. Haven’t people learned from Guns N’ Roses how ridiculous it looks?



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