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Comic-Con ’11: Craig Gillespie on ‘Pride, Prejudice & Zombies’ Progress

Speaking with Craig Gillespie at ongoing San Diego Comic-Con just a bit ago regarding Fright Night, his upcoming remake of the 1985 vampire classic, I managed to get the director to talk a bit about his next film, the adaptation of the Seth Grahame-Smith novel Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, which he he told me will begin production “hopefully by the end of the year,” and that they’re still trying to get the cast locked down.

I was not looking to stay in this genre, per se, but again, I got the script, David O. Russell wrote the adaptation [and] I just love when you can mix genres,” he said. “And this is, again, a mix of horror and humor. But the humor in this is from Jane Austen. And they stayed so true to the [original] book, and the banter, and the dialogue, from the actual ‘Pride & Prejudice’. And that to me is gonna be a lot of fun…they take it all very seriously, with the zombie threat.

So how much of Russell’s original vision for the film will remain intact?

A lot,” Gillespie responded, clearly not to keen to go into details. “He did a nice job with it.



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