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Gay Slasher Plays Game of ‘Never Have I Ever’

One of the cooler indie slashers to make waves last decade was Paul Etheredge’s 2004 HellBent, a proudly gay slasher that impressed many of genre fans. Zachary Paul is hoping to do the same with his gay slasher entitled Never Have I Ever, which stars Brett Blaylock, Ariel Austin-Jones, Jarrod Cuthrell, Trace William Cowen, Donald Martin, Charitina Goebel, Jeremy Holley, Natalie Kinsaul, Chad Burton Johnson, Trent Friday, and Ben Smolin.

While a trailer is still on the horizon, an official Facebook was launched featuring a slew of first images.

Alex has invited a group of friends whom he hasn’t seen in ages to spend the weekend at his parent’s summer home. As the alcohol begins pouring the group’s tightly knit history begins to unravel. An ill-advised game of “Never Have I Ever” seems to bring the festivities to a screeching halt. As the group separates to deal with their various emotional drama, an intruder crashes the party to silence them all for good. In one night, a years old secret will come to the surface and fighting is the only means of survival. The truth hurts, but a knife hurts deeper.



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