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Bloody Disgusting Selects: Aussie Trailer for ‘The Woman’



I was hoping we could have cut our own trailer before international distributors would release their version, but unfortunately what we have for you today is a pretty weak sauce Australian trailer for Lucky McKee’s The Woman (review), which we’ll be releasing in theaters uncut this fall. Alas, inside you’ll find the FIRST EVER footage from the film starring horror fav Angela Bettis (who starred in McKee’s May).

The Woman, a companion piece to Jack Ketchum’s Offspring, was the center of controversy at the this past January’s Sundance Film Festival when an audience member got worked up over its graphic content and said it should be “confiscated and burned.”

Chris Cleek (Sean Bridgers, Deadwood) is a small town court officer living a quiet, seemingly normal life in the heart of Maine with his beloved family. That is, until Chris discovers a feral woman roaming the woods and makes it the family’s project to civilise her. But as the family’s methods of forcing civility upon the woman become ever more extreme, the perverse bonds uniting them will be cast into violent relief.


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