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Official Video For Taylor Swift’s ‘Safe And Sound’ From The Hunger Games Released

With the release of The Hunger Games movie adaptation looming, the hype around the film is only increasing. One of the big things that fans are looking forward to is the soundtrack, which is getting as much hype as one of the soundtracks to the glitter-vampire-movie-that-shall-not-be-named. The first official video from the soundtrack is Safe And Sound, performed by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars. It’s actually a very mellow, beautiful song with some wonderful harmonies. I definitely recommend at least giving it a shot below.
Having read the books, I can see why there is an appeal to the horror crowd. There is this post-apocalyptic dystopian society that feeds off of a Battle Royale-esque tournament (well, at least The Capitol does), insane amounts of violence and gore, and some pretty intense situations. 



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