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[Random Cool] Graphic of Everyone Killed by Jason Voorhees, Every ‘Final Destination’ Death

Some really, really awesome “random cool” news on the Web this morning starting with a graphic of everyone killed by Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th films. Andrew Barr of Canada’s newspaper National Post collaborated with illustrator Mike Faille to tally up the carnage from antagonist Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th slasher film polylogy which began in the 1980s. This amazing graphic depicts every which way a character has kicked the bucket in the hands of uber-bad-guy hockey-masked Jason, from strangulation to machete-induced fatal amputation to well, see for yourself in the full version. – laughingsquid

Although we’ve posted something similar on multiple occasions, Screened has created their own version of every single death from the Final Destination franchise leading up to the release of Final Destination 5 this Friday. Below you’ll find ALL of the blood, guts and mayhem spun by Death over the past decade.

Finally, NeatoShop’s Zombie Shop is now selling a pretty rad “Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper” that can be purchased for $9.99 here. You’ll find an image at the bottom of this story.



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