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Super Small Rubber Monster Images from ‘Creature’



The filmmakers behind Creature just can’t win with me. I’ve been breathing down their necks since it was revealed that the film would be opening in “theaters everywhere” on September 9, a proclamation I still don’t believe to be true (unless of course by “everywhere” they mean “10 theaters”). August 29 edit: it WILL open in 1,500 screens, so I’m told.

Anyways, I won’t reiterate the alleged stories behind the film, but I will share with you the latest items that have my right eyebrow perking up in disbelief. This morning the first batch of official imagery was released, in the form of these peanut-sized stills. The only thing I could think was: “really?” Click the below pic for the full gallery of tiny photos.

An ex-Navy seal, Niles (Mehcad Brooks), his girlfriend Emily (Serinda Swan) and their friends head out on a road trip to New Orleans. When the group decides to stop at a roadside convenience store owned by Chopper (Sid Haig) they are introduced to the legend of Lockjaw, a Creature who is part man, part alligator…The Legend has it that an inbred local man by the name of Grimley (Daniel Bernhardt), lost his family to a monstrous white alligator, and because of the devastating loss of his family was driven to madness and was transformed into the Creature. Their curiosity peaked, the group decides to head deeper into the swamps to check out the birthplace of this Creature legend. As they journey further into the backwoods the group arrives at an old dilapidated cabin and decide to camp there for the night and inadvertently unleash the Creature who terrorizes the group.



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