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‘The Woman’ Commits Suicide in ‘Love Eternal’

What’s up next for Pollyanna Mcintosh, the actress who portray’s the feral animal in Lucky McKee’s The Woman (in theaters this October from Bloody Disgusting Selects)?

Twitch caught up with the actress during a Melbourne, Australia screening of The Woman where she revealed that she’ll be toplining Love Eternal, which is to be directed by Savage‘s Brendan Muldowney.

This has been adapted from the Japanese novel “Loving The Dead” by prolific horror author Kei Oishi (novelized “The Grudge”) and stars Pollyanna and Netherland actor Robert De Hoog (Skin, Dusk).

The plot of the original book concerns depression and loss amidst themes of death and unconventional love. “James decides to commit suicide in the mountains but aborts when he witnesses a mass suicide. One of the dead grabs his attention, captivated by her beauty he takes her back home with him to the suburbs…

Principal photography begins in Ireland and Luxembourg on the 22nd August

Pollyanna Mcintosh



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