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‘Texas Chainsaw’ Director Becomes the ‘Chosen’ One

Marcus Nispel, whose will see his Conan the Barbarian reboot in theaters today, and has Backmask in pre-production, has made a deal with Liquid Comics to launch the comic book series “The Chosen,” reports Deadline.

The plotline involves a Detroit kid who seems an unlikely candidate but who is the latest incarnate of an Eastern spiritual master whose tradition goes back generations. The teen’s awakening to these awesome powers that have been refined over a century’s worth of incarnations, begin to manifest themselves and take him on a journey from the Detroit streets to the underground gangland of Mumbai.

Nispel created the storyling with Liquid co-founders Gotham Chopra and Sharad Devarajan. It’s based on an original movie treatment that Nispel has been developing to direct. The three-issue comic series will launch in February.



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