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[News Bites] Never Before Seen ‘Evil Dead 2’ Images, Poster Madness, ‘Godzilla’ Criterion, & ‘Squad’ Redo

Yet another heavy week of news is coming to a close. Is it me or does it seem like there’s more and more stories with each and every passing year? It’s almost TOO much, although I don’t believe in too much horror…

First up in this edition of news bites are a series of new one sheets that are all on display inside. You’ll find sales art for Todd Robinson’s supernatural submarine chiller Phantom that’s now in pre-production. Then you’ll find a UK poster for the now-released Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, with Anchor Bay’s official theatrical art for Texas Killing Fields, in theaters October 14. Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain and Chloe Moretz, the story focuses on the true story of a pair of police officers who undertook to solve two decades of disappearances and homicides — totalling as many as 60 victims — in the industrial wastelands surrounding Gulf Coast refineries.

In DVD news, Twitch has a report on a potential Criterion release of the 1954 classic Gojira/Godzilla. The site’s friend, August Ragone, renowned Kaiju authority and author, has posted up some majorly gargantuan news that can be read by clicking the aforementioned link. What can you expect? How about a DVD/Blu-ray release larger than the legendary creature itself!

In a news brief, a Colombian horror movie is set for Hollywood remake. El Paramo, known in the States as The Squad, is being touted for a Hollywood remake even though it is still two months away from release. According to Radio Santa Fe, production company Rhayuela Cine received a number of offers from Los Angeles and New York based film companies for the U.S. rights to El Paramo. The eventual winner of the bidding war was Scott LaStaiti, executive producer of Love in the Time of Cholera and horror film Turistas. Details on the Columbian film can be found by clicking the title above.

Saving the best for last, special effects artist Shannon Shea has posted an update to his blog that is not to be missed. Shea goes back to 1986 when he was in production with Sam Raimi on Evil Dead 2. The blog details his experience working on the film, while offering up behind-the-scenes description of his creation “Evil” Ed Getley as played by Richard Domeier. Click the image for tons of goodies!



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