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ATREYU Singer Alex Varkatzas Shares His Favorite Horror Flicks



Atreyu’s always paid homage to the horror genre. Take the cover of their 2004 breakthrough album, The Curse. It featured a super hot, scantily clad vampire chick, instantly giving the album a pronounced darkness. Infectious cuts like “Bleeding Mascara” and “Right Side of the Bed” didn’t hurt their case either. Also, the fact that the SoCal metalcore quintet named itself after a character from The Neverending Story is pretty scary in and of itself…

1. Halloween

Number one is going to be John Carpenter’s Halloween. I think it’s rad how Michael Myers never runs and the film is not that gory; it’s just intense. Michael is always there. You can’t get away from him! The music was super creepy. On the DVD’s behind-the-scenes feature, they said the movie actually didn’t get picked up until they added the special piano track to it that John Carpenter wrote. Once he wrote that, the film got distribution. It’s cool because it was an independent movie that became huge. This is definitely my number one horror film!

Read on for the rest of the list! 2. Friday the 13th

You can’t go wrong with Friday the 13th. If you think about the original Friday the 13th, you don’t even fucking see Jason! He’s not in the series until the second film. The original Friday the 13th is also cool because Kevin Bacon gets killed.

3. The Ring

The one with Naomi Watts—not the Japanese one! It’s just fucking creepy. I tried to watch it with this girl once in the summer, and I just had to kick her out, turn it off and go to bed [Laughs].

4. The Lost Boys

It’s just punk rock vampires versus Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s a one-of-a-kind movie! I thought they were going to do a remake or something, but I don’t think it can properly happen. You can’t get Corey Haim and Corey Feldman back [Laughs].

5. The Hills Have Eyes

That is a fucking disturbing, disturbing, disturbing movie! It’s gross [Laughs].

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