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Boring Clip From ‘Trespass’ Depicts A Boring Marriage

Joel Scumacher’s Trespass opens in limited theaters and VOD on October 14th. My interest could not be lower and this clip doesn’t help.

You can pretty much plot the trajectory of this film from this scene alone. Why do so many home invasion movies follow the same character arc as “the successful daddy who doesn’t spend enough time at home” movies? Trespass is a film that “centers on a man who has everything — a beautiful wife, a teenage daughter, a lavish estate — and is confronted with the reality of losing it all when he and his family become the victims of a vicious home invasion.”

See? Also, it’s just weird seeing Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman together in this. I know the passion is supposed to be gone or whatever but it’s like they were sold into this.

Hit the jump for the video.



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