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[OMFG] Leigh Whannell Weighs In On ‘Dud Silence’!

Didn’t like Dead Silence? Well, you’re not alone. Leigh Whannell doesn’t like it all that much either and he wrote the damn thing!

A recent post on his blog bears the title “Dud Silence: The Hellish Experience Of Making A Bad Horror Film” and almost reads as the horror appendix to Lennon and Garant’s book “Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at The Box Office and You Can Too”.

Except this time out there’s no real glory (and probably not as much money). Per Whannell, “The shooting of the film was just as nightmarish for James Wan, the director, but I’ll let him tell you that story in his blog one day. I’ll finish by saying that when the film was released, Universal did zero promotion and dumped the film into theaters like toxic waste into a river. Insult, meet injury.”

Another choice quote? “Only in a place as fucking stupid as Hollywood would someone use the word `rules’ when talking about shape-shifting cat demons. The only logical response to Chad and Debbie’s question is “THERE ARE NO RULES, IT’S A SUPERNATURAL CAT YOU DICKHEAD.”

It’s definitely worth a read. Check it out.



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