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TIFF ’11: ‘Livid’ More Like Hammer Horror Than a Bloodbath



Back in 2007 I was among the first people ever to witness Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s masterpiece of gore, Inside, as it premiered at the TIFF. This month the French filmmakers return to TIFF and “Midnight Madness” with Livid, a horror fairytale set during Halloween night when three youths decide to burglarize an old lady’s desolate house, but what awaits them is no ordinary house…

The official TIFF blog interviews the duo who explain that Livid won’t be a bloodbath like Inside: “It is true that ‘Livid’ is less gory and extreme than ‘Inside’. We wanted to change registers,” they explain. “It reflects another aspect of genre that we also love. A more atmospheric cinema, more based on suggestion rather than demonstration. If we had to compare it, it is more old school fantastical more like HAMMER movies.” But that doesn’t mean there’s no blood at all: “We cannot change who we are and there are still some scenes that are quite violent!” they joke.

While it’s too soon to announce their next project, they do reveal that they are finishing writing a script right now and that to shoot in English is something that interests them quite a bit. Whatever their next project will be, they’re quite sure it will be in English.



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