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Horror In Your House: Sept 5th, 2011

Another week is upon us and it’s rather mediocre on the horror front. The big story of the week is the Scream Trilogy Blu-ray set. Though, for me, I would have much rather it included the 4th film as well. On the bright side the Still Screaming documentary is included, which offers some great interviews and tidbits on the franchise.

Also out is A Horrible Way to Die which is really the only other thing worth taking a look at. Note: I left off several re-release Blu-Rays for Hellraiser and Children of the Corn because, well, they’re already available and the new ones aren’t adding anything (no new special features, or formats). Hope you have a great week.
Horror In Your House
Sept 5th, 2011

A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE – (DVD / Blu-Ray) – Anchor Bay

Long Synopsis: Sarah is starting life over. After her last relationship ended with a revelation that sent her boyfriend, Garrick, to a life sentence in prison, Sarah had no choice but to leave her past behind. Now that she’s been relocated to a small town and given a new identity, Sarah’s embracing the opportunity to start life fresh. Unfortunately for Sarah, the past won’t let go. Garrick escapes prison and discovers Sarah’s new location, then blazes a violent trail across the country to track her down and disrupt her seemingly perfect new life.

MICAH SAYS: AJ Bowen (Hatchet II, The House of the Devil) stars in this moody, atmospheric thriller. If you like your horror a little more low key then you can’t go wrong with this flick. Pick of the week.

BACK TO THE BEYOND – Brain Damage Films

When a paranormal research team investigates a haunting inside a home on Port Island, a sparsely inhabited island off the Maine coast, they learn that it is eerily similar to the plot of a classic television show. This 90-minute supernatural thriller opens with a gripping scene of terror. A group of amateur videographers attempt to capture a seemingly supernatural force within the remote island home. When the paranormal research team investigates the haunting, they discover the remains of the amateur videographers and proof of the legendary haunting captured on video. While one member of the team believes the haunting is only “made for TV” fiction, the investigation reveals an encounter with a sinister supernatural force, proving just how real it all is. The film is Blair Witch Project meets Amityville Horror.

BLOODWOOD CANNIBALS – Pacific Entertainment

Nigel Thorne and the crew of the internet series “Hunting the Unknown” usually fake their encounters with mythological creatures and the paranormal. While filming an episode about Bigfoot, they make their first real discovery: a feral woman living wild in the forest. After capturing Jane Doe and learning that she was recently pregnant, Nigel vows to find “Big Papa” and leads the crew deeper into the forest. He finds more than he bargained for. The “Hunting the Unknown” crew are soon fighting for survival against Jane’s family of feral cannibals. Their only hope for escape lies with wilderness guide Roy Henderson, an ex-soldier who is slowly losing his own humanity to the sickness that turns men and women into bloodthirsty beasts.


The Dudes are back! And this time, they’re right in the middle of a galactic stoner-horror comedy!! Larnell, Bachman, Brett and Alistair survived their battle with the dubious King Bong. Now, they’ve set up shop, a head shop, in Venice Beach. Just as they think all of their troubles are behind them, an Alien Bong crash lands on earth and really starts to harsh their mellow. The guys can’t resist a toke and they are enslaved in the Alien Bong’s far out Bong World. where sexy Alien Chicks and other cosmic calamities await them. Enlisting the help of their arch enemies, Grandpa and the Evil Bong, the Dudes must stop the Alien Bong before our planet goes totally up in smoke.

SCREAM FIVE FILM SET (Scream 1-3 + Two Documentaries) (Blu-Ray) – Lionsgate / Miramax

This Blu-ray set includes the first 3 Scream films from the franchise, plus 2 documentaries: “Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective” and “Scream: The Inside Story”

MICAH SAYS: Scream 4 will be released on Oct 4th. What do you think the odds are of a new box set that includes all the films coming out shortly thereafter? My guess. Pretty good. Followed by anniversary editions, etc, etc…

WAKE THE WITCH – Pacific Entertainment

One hundred years ago, an angry mob, intent on justice for their murdered children, hang the woman they believe is the murderer. They brand her a witch, wrap her body in chains and bury it deep in the woods. Flash forward to the present – when Deb and her friends play a childhood game on the witch’s wooded grave, they open the door to death. As her friends and family begin to change into something less than human, Deb struggles to stop the witch’s curse. But her search for the truth will reveal an evil beyond her imagination.

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