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Axelle Carolyn Short Film ‘Hooked’ Snagged Neil Marshall To Produce – Watch It Now!

Actress Axelle Caroyln (Centurion, Doomsday) has begun the transition into becoming a filmmaker and now one of her first short films has made its way online with an impressive pedigree.

Hooked stars R.A Mihailoff (Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) and Team Unicorn’s Clare Grant. It’s edited and produced by Neil Marshall (director of The Descent and Centurion) and was lensed by Will Barratt (Hatchet).

Caroyln on the genesis of the film, “I finished post on my first short film ‘The Last Post’ in June of this year. It’s a very sad, performance-led, emotional ghost story, and I felt like doing something completely different. I was spending a few weeks in LA and thought it’d be great to do something there, using some of the great exteriors the area has to offer… I came up with this idea for a simple and goofy twist on the slasher genre and it all came together within a couple of weeks. Strangely, I think the biggest influence for this short film was Rob Zombie’s Woolite commercial!

Check it out after the jump!

Clip courtesy of FEARnet. Head over there to read the full interview Axelle.



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