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Guy Who Wrote ‘The Roommate’ Really Branching Out With ‘The Crush’!

I never saw The Roommate. It could literally be my favorite movie if I ever get around to it. But I probably won’t, because everyone I trust disliked it intensely. But that hasn’t stopped Sonny Mallhi from returning to what is emerging to be his canvas, obsession, in The Crush.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Described as being a cross between ‘Cruel Intentions’ and ‘Misery’, the story centers on a star high school athlete who becomes the focus of an admirer’s obsession. He soon discovers the innocent crush has turned dangerous and deadly.

Sound familiar?

Casting is currently in process and Malik Bader (Street Thief) is set to direct. The film is being financed and produced by Intrepid.



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