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TV: “Haunted” Sounds Like Every Other Show On TV But With Ghosts

Honestly, the fact that Haunted is a procedural makes it sound to me like it’s just going to end up being a show like “Bones” or “The Closer” only with ghosts. There’s noting wrong with that, and I’m keeping an eye on it to see if it becomes anything more – but I seriously doubt we’re going to have something here that appeals to genre fans as much as “Supernatural”, “True Blood” or “American Horror Story”. But ya never know!

ABC bought the project from Cory Goodman (who wrote Priest) with National Treasure director Jon Turtletaub attached to direct the pilot. A silver lining? One of the producers is Adam Goldworm, who had a guiding hand in “Masters Of Horror”. Perhaps he can steer the ship in the right direction? TV is more of a writer’s medium than film, so I’d say that Turtletaub’s influence on this project won’t be all that heavy. He might even be out after directing the pilot.

So we’ll see. There’s some potential here. But again, it’s a procedural on a major network.

Per Deadline, “‘Haunted’ is a supernatural character procedural that follows Jessica Garrity, a paranormal investigator who each week helps the living move on from a spirit that can’t let go.

One of these guys is Jon Turtletaub.



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