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Ashley Bell Returns for ‘Last Exorcism’ Sequel!

Ashley Bell is in Toronto with the cast of The Day. During an interview for the film, Bell revealed she is going to be shooting a sequel to The Last Exorcism. I only asked generically about upcoming projects and she gave me this gem.

I just signed on for the sequel of Last Exorcism,” Bell said to Bloody. “It’s ‘The Last Exorcism For Realsies You Guys,’” she joked. “That’s the full title.

Just given the found footage nature of the first film, a sequel starring the original cast sounded unlikely. “Whenever you get that phone call, that opportunity, it’s incredible. I loved working with Strike Entertainment and Eli the first time around. To be able to work with them again, that’s what I’m most excited about. They’re an incredible company.

Bell is excited to revisit the character of Nell Sweetzer, whatever condition she is in post-Exorcism. “I’m so excited. I have not seen or heard anything so I don’t know what is going to go down.

When I asked specifically if she was planning any new contortions, that was too specific. “I am sworn to secrecy. My life’s now worth more sharing more details.

We’ll have more on the cast and filmmakers from The Day out of the Toronto International Film Festival.

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