'Undocumented' Clip Promises to Take Back the Country - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Undocumented’ Clip Promises to Take Back the Country

Whatever you think this is, it’s far worse.

Now in NY cinemas and nationwide on demand from IFC, via Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, Time Warner, SundanceNOW and Bright House via IFC Midnight is Chris Peckover’s politically charged genre film Undocumented, which promises to be a night of excruciating hell.

The features is a suspense thriller in which “a documentary crew accompanies a group of illegal immigrants crossing the border, but run afoul when they’re captured by a gang of sadistic Radicals on location in New Mexico.

To announce the showing of the film on SundanceNow.com, below you’ll find an exclusive clip from the flick that introduces all the players in this politically charged genre film.

Scott Mechiowicz, Alona Tal, Greg Serano, Kevin Weisman, Tim Draxl, Yancey Arias, Peter Stormare, Adam Kulbersh, Jsu Garcia, Noah Segan, Nick Tucci, Jose Marquez, Deborah Martinez, Carmen, Corral, Lore’l Medina and Castulo Guerra all star.