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Comic Writer Books ‘The Nye Incidents’

Screenwriter and comic book writer Stuart Paul has been tapped to adapt The Nye Incidents, the comic book co-created by Communion author Whitley Strieber, says Heat Vision.

The project is set up at RKO, with Todd Lincoln (The Apparition) attached to direct. Lincoln is also producing with Daniel Alter. Paul is a relative newcomer in both the comic and screen scene. Last year he wrote a six-issue mini-series for Wildstorm/DC titled “Ides of Blood,” a Roman Empire-set vampire story. This past summer, his spec Terminal Point was picked up by Strike Entertainment, the company behind the upcoming horror movie The Thing, and is currently being packaged.

Set in the world of alien abductees, the Devil Due’s comic centers on a seen-it-all and logical medical examiner whose faith in the rational is shattered when she runs afoul a brutal murder of a supposed alien abductee. The case puts her on the path chasing a serial killer working in the alien abductee community who may or may not be human.

Lincoln and Alter previously teamed up on The Apparition, a supernatural horror movie starring Ashley Green and Sebastian Stan; the movie is due out next year.



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