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[Random Cool] Scary Clowns, Awesome Voorhees T-Shirt, Lego ‘Predator’ and a ‘Thing’ Guitar?!

Today’s edition of Random Cool begins with the inside image of what’s being called “The World’s Scariest And Most Confusing Sale.” It features the most terrifying clown and an attempt to sell tires and brakes. I’m thinking they LOST customers after releasing this ad.

Moc Pages stumbled across a Lego Predator as created by Shawn Snyder. It’s too bad he wasted time making one from Predators too.

Then there’s the most badass guitar on the planet, courtesy of Maya Pixelskaya. From Madrid, Spain, “This was one of my first works, and also the first time I ever used acrylic paint,” says the artist. “The whole purpose was to decorate an old guitar (therefore the tiny bumps on the surface), and I thought Drew Struzan’s ‘The Thing’ poster fitted just perfectly.

Bloody D reader “Zombie” tipped us off to those creative goons at Tee Fury who have unleashed a Jason Voorhees-themed t-shirt for only $10. Entitled “Jason’s Arsenal”, the t-shirt features weapons used by the infamous killer in the Friday the 13th franchise. I just purchased mine, go click below for yours before it sells out.



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