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‘Dream House’ Director Jim Sheridan Attempted to Remove His Name From Film

As it wasn’t screened for critics, Bloody hit up a midnight showing of Universal Pictures’ Dream House in order to bring you an early AM review of the long-delayed psychological thriller starring Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz. It wasn’t very good, in fact, you might say it was erratic.

A week after it’s theatrical demise ($9 million at the boxoffice) director Jim Sheridan has decided to speak out. The six-time Oscar nominee was in fact so displeased with the finished film he sought to have his name removed from it, says the LA Times.

This summer, Sheridan went to the Directors Guild of America with the aim of striking his name from the credits (hoping to use the infamous “Alan Smithee” instead)…[but] the bid was dropped after a series of events that included the company that was financing the film, Morgan Creek Productions, agreeing to a new set of reshoots.

According to a person familiar with production, Sheridan began deviating from David Loucka’s script early on, using an improvisational method he favors. That was followed by a disastrous test screening, rampant anxiety at Morgan Creek, a first round of reshoots, and the production company ultimately taking control of the film in the edit room.

So there you go – and for those of you paying attention, Sheridan’s name is still gracing big screens across the country. I’d be embarrassed too.



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