Korea Jumps on the Post-Conversion Bandwagon (Late) With 'The Host' - Bloody Disgusting
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Korea Jumps on the Post-Conversion Bandwagon (Late) With ‘The Host’



The Host

File this under “who gives a sh*t.”

The Host has returned with an extra dimension, but the makers of the new 3D version say it remains true to the 2006 South Korean monster thriller, writes THR.

While we’re already talking about the platform dying here in the States, The Host 3D is the country’s first conversion project that adds 3D effects to the original 2D film. The original Bong Joon-ho film remains the top-grossing local film of all-time, having drawn over 13 million viewers in a country of 48 million people.

Too bad nobody here in the States saw it. Too bad post-converted films all look like garbage. The delusional filmmakers go on and on about how good it looks, all of which you can read right here.

Meanwhile, The Host 2, the sequel that is also being produced and distributed by Chungeorahm, will open in theaters in 2013, according to Choi. Although, that project has been in the works for a deathly long time.


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