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Cast, Synopsis and Sales Art for ‘The Body’



Announced in May is The Orphanage producer Rodar y Rodar and Spain’s Antena 3 Films’ The Body (El cuerpo), the feature debut of Oriol Paulo, one of Spain’s rising stars. Paulo leapt to notice as co-scribe on Guillem Morales’ Julia’s Eyes, a Rodar-Antena 3 Films co-production with UPI.

Body stars Jaime Pena as a police inspector sent to investigate the disappearance of a woman’s body from a morgue. But here’s the official synopsis: “While fleeing in panic, a man is knocked over by a lorry. When the police arrive they discover that he is the Night Watchman at a morgue near the site of the accident. When they enter his workplace they find that one of the bodies Mayka Villaverde, a society personality, has disappeared from room 3.

“A Hitchcock-style psychological thriller,” Body will shoot January with José Coronado, Belén Rueda, Hugo Silva and Aura Garrido also starring. Paulo added that Body channels influences such as Rob Reiner’s Misery and Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Fans of The Orphanage can expect a similar tone as Body will use DP Oscar Faura.


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