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TV: ‘American Horror Story’ Recap Episode 01.03

We’ve made it to week 3 of Ryan Murphy’s optimistic romantic comedy “American Horror Story”, and things are looking brighter than ever. Violet and her boyfriend Tate are beginning to realize their dream of running away together to join the boarder patrol, and Vivian finally confesses her love to The Gimp! Things are looking great for the Harmon family; good thing they stuck around and moved into that adorable old house.

In all seriousness, if there was one optimistic result of America’s most upsetting TV show, it’s that we now know have at least a vague picture of what exactly is going on in this show, which is more than can be said since the show began two weeks ago. It’s 1983, and a youthful Moira is being molested by her employer , whom we quickly learn is actually the late husband of the world’s creepiest next door neighbor, Constance. Constance walks in on the two and promptly shoots then both. Now, we have established a connection between at least two of last week’s co conspirators, as well as their relationship with the house. This would also explain the bitterness between two the women, but leaves us wondering why they are working together if their relationship is so hostile.

In the present day, we finally get to find our what anchors the Harmon’s to the home that’s been torturing them. Surprise! They are completely flat broke. As the effects of the economy weight on them, the Harmons make a push to sell their home by any means necessary without losing a profit. Ben resumes his position as histories’ most ineffective psychiatrist, and Moira continues to play with his mind.

Through this, we find our that Moira’s true appearance my be related to the personality of those viewing her. For some, she appears old and worn down, reflecting who she is in her heart. For others like Ben, her physical appearance resembles the women she looked like before she was shot; young and beautiful. We also find out that Vivian clearly lacks common sense of any kind, blaming Ben for his indiscretion with Moria, even after the woman threatened their family for considering to fire her moments previous.

Ben’s problems manage to get even worse when his ex mistress shows up at his door letting him know that she plans on keeping his baby, and is quite serious about forcing him to be involved with it. Her appearance and subsequent outburst seems to affirm that it is quite possible that everyone in the AHS universe is crazy besides the Harmons. Also, that screaming into someone’s face during a tension stricken moment is actually a lot more creepy than ghosts and monsters. Even though Ben is a liar and a cheater, you can’t help but feel a bit bad for him. Every action he takes to fix things with his wife seems to result in people trying to destroy his rep with her. Of everyone living in the old house, Ben is terrorized the most excessively.

Vivian takes a haunted spots tour to find out the history behind her home. Evidently the internet was just too cheap and effective to be considered an option. The original story of the house is finally revealed. In a shocking twist of continuity, those jarred fetuses from episode one are explained in full detail. The original owner of the home was a drug addicted doctor who developed a frankenstein complex, going into debt as he neglected his practice in pursuit of his own brand of science. Scenes depicted him cutting and sewing into animals and surrounded by jars of human parts (mostly unborn).

We are first lead to believe that the wife is unaware of her husband’s obsession, but come to find out that she was luring girls to their home with promises of cosmetic surgery and stealing their money while her husband cut them up for pleasure.

Meanwhile, Ben is dealing with the massive loss of time that he as been experiencing. Waking up with shovels and blood on his hands, he fears the worst. He comes to find out that he is completely innocent, and that he had been dosed with an opiate that was banned from production in the 1930’s for causing retrograde amnesia (the time period in which the doctor and his wife were at large). It is possible that the drug that he ingested might also be the one used by the original home owners as they carried their victims downstairs to be experimented on.

Once Ben figures this out, his mistress comes to the door hollering for Vivian, and is struck down by the burned man, who tells Ben that “he hasn’t killed anyone”. The man assures Ben that he will get rid of the body. For you know, 1000 bucks. As the music plays us out, a body is discovered under the soil of the house, and the ghostly inhabitants look hurt at the very sight of it. The body is insinuated to be Moira’s, as Constance tells her that she is now stuck here forever while the woman weeps looking down at it.

A massive criticism of the show right now is that too many things are happening at once, but the way that the show is progressing, it feels like these random events might be more connected than we thought. Though the ghosts of the house are from radically different time periods, they all seem to relate back to each other. There is a still a lot that we don’t know, but the more that is learned, the more exciting the series becomes. This episode was probably the least action packed and scary, yet the bits of information that were uncovered managed to make it the most interesting episode of “American Horror Story” to date.

So what did you think is this week’s episode? Is Ben getting his just desserts, or should they ease up on him? Now that we know who all of the characters are, just who the heck is Tate? What do you about Moria’s evolving story, and will we ever see those two creepy kids from the pilot again?



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