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‘The Reef’ Director Heads to ‘The Jungle’



Lightning Entertainment is getting behind The Jungle, the latest genre offering from The Reef and Black Water director Andrew Traucki.

An exploration deep into the dense rainforests of Indonesia to film and tag the elusive the endangered and elusive Javan Leopard leads to a journey of terror. On their search for a reported alpha-male leopard, spotted wandering outside of its normal territory, reportedly terrorizing local settlements, a team of conservationists discover a new species, a horrifying “apex predator” that has no fear of humans!

In his new film, Director Andrew Traucki takes audiences on an adventure ride of suspense, terror, and thrills, using his proven talent to deliver another gripping tale of engrossing entertainment, only this time, the ride will be more frightening, because this time…it’s real!

The pic is now in pre-production without a cast.


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