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[OMFG] Keep Your Eyes Peeled, ‘Amber Alert’ Promo Promises Terror!

Amber Alert

Those of you who take long road trips or hit major highways on a daily basis may be quite familiar with the Government’s “AMBER Alters” (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response). It’s a way of alerting the American people to a time sensitive “situation” in hopes that one of million spot a “wanted” vehicle.

Independent filmmaker Kerry Bellessa has taken this real world device and blended it into a found footage chiller known as Amber Alert, which is to be sold at AFM from Underground Films and Bluefield Entertainment.

The plot is pretty obvious, but holds many possibilities: things go terribly wrong when a group of kids go in pursuit of a wanted vehicle.

We got our hands on the promo trailer that’s nothing short of incredible. The potential is endless…



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