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TV: First Look at Third ‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16’

I was a pretty big fan of MTV’s made for TV movie “My Super Psycho Sweet 16,” a fun slasher that had some pretty gruesome kills for a telefilm.

The sequel, while a disappointment, was successful enough to breed a third film making it a trilogy. The official Facebook page was updated with the first ever photo and a little statement: “Lauren McKnight aka Skye Rotter sent this photo from the set of Part 3 just for you guys!

Scott Thomas and Jed Elinoff are writing the third installment that’s said to be the bloodiest, craziest, most intense party Skye has ever attended.

In the 20009 My Super Psycho Sweet 16 a spoiled teens birthday bash turns killer after she convinced her parents to re-open a roller skating rink where murders took place.



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