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[Random Cool] Happy Belated Halloween Part II: Jump Scares, an Ode to Ash and Disney Horror!

The worst part about Halloween landing on a Monday (besides the lack of parties) is that every person and their mom thinks it’s a cool idea to release a piece of horror content. This resulted in one of the busiest Halloweens in the history on Bloody Disgusting.

There was so much stuff going viral across the Web that it was nearly impossible not to miss a few gems floating around, thus a belated Halloween [Random Cool] is now in the cards. Kicking off the short news bite is the above video honoring one of the greatest horror trilogies ever. The Evil Dead trilogy celebrates its 30th year both in scaring us and making us laugh, check out Nick Bosworth’s piece above.

Inside you’ll find another pair of videos (and if anything else pokes it’s head out we’ll add throughout the day) beginning with the New York Magazine’s hilarious nod to the horror movie “fake-outs” featuring a montage of scenes with jump scares. Also after the break is the latest “John Carpenter Presents” video featuring Let Me In‘s Chloe Moretz entitled “Scary Girl:” There is always a scary girl in every horror movie and Chloe Moretz is that girl…

*Update: I just added a few of my favorite Disney Halloween-themed cartoons that I planned on posting yesterday (and forgot). It included the banned (in Italy in the 1950’s) “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.



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