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AFM ’11: Psycho Neighbor Causes ‘Claustrophobia’

ICAP Media handed Bloody D the AFM sales art for Claustrophobia, writer/director Harlan Schneider’s new thriller starring Christopher Curry, Russsell Harvard and Chloe Snyder.

To a young deaf man, Tim Patterson, living with his girlfriend, Heather, in the beautiful country house he inherited from his family, life seems perfect. Tim has his house; he has his work; and best of all he has Heather… until one day his doorbell rings.

The cadaverous figure of James Orwell, his new neighbor, looms in the doorway. Orwell informs Tim that he’s had a survey done which proves that Tim is trespassing on Orwell’s property. And not only that, Orwell has a court order which demands that Tim fix the trespass within four days or his house will be sold at auction. The punishing voice of his father begins to fill his head; nightmarish visions of his locked and closeted childhood assault him. Tim fights back, but Orwell and the nightmares threaten to overwhelm him.

Turning the tables, Tim uses his special way of hearing to get the jump on his tormentors. With his fury unleashed, Tim finally frees himself from all his fears.



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